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Intensive Driving Courses

We offer a selection of intensive driving courses to suit any level of driving,

From complete beginner to a touch up for a test .

What is included in the course,

lessons leading up to your test,

The test fee itself,

locating a fast test usually within one/two weeks of deposit,

and car rental for the test day a few hours before the test.

there is a high chance of passing 1st time with this option


Example week course 20 hours plus test day 

Monday 10-2.30 (30 minutes break halfway)

Tuesday 10-2.30 (30 minutes break halfway)

Wednesday 10-2.30 (30 minutes break halfway)

Thursday 10-12.30 (30 minutes break halfway)

Friday 10-2.30 (30 minutes break halfway)

Monday test day 10.30- 1.30 (12 o'clock test)

if you are interested in a course give us a call or text to go through your options and our availability 


Area We Cover

Hertfordshire plus 10 miles outside

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